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Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Your network is your net worth

You have probably heard or read about this very often.

But the importance of your network is the single most crucial factor to get to where you want in life, faster, provided you are meeting the right people.

There’s a saying you are the closest 5 people you hangout with. When you hang out with people who smoke, party everyday, and go through life having fun only, you are more likely to be like them as birds of a feather flock together.

Who you hang out with really does matter to your success.

I used to hangout with people who party, get drunk, talk about stuffs that doesn’t create meaning or value in someone’s life. But after awhile I realized that I am not doing myself a favor and my social circle are not supporting me to where I want to go in life – financial success. So I left the group and start meeting successful people, CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and etc. Not only I learn a lot from them and their experiences in life, I get more sales!

The reason I get more sales and more results in my business hanging out with them was because they have the financial stability, they are in a different phase of life with priorities, and understands that a young and ambitious person like me needs a ‘helping hand’ so I am able to serve more people, my customers, my friends, my family.

Who you aspire to be will attract you the kind of friends and people into your life who are like you. Make sure you are projecting the correct vibes and energy. To project the correct energy, you must start from your mind. Your mind will then affect your emotions, your emotions will then project in your body language and the RIGHT kind of people you want to have in your life will come to you. You will meet more of them as you go along.

So if you want to be rich and successful, you need to hangout with people who are rich and successful.

That said, your network IS your net worth. How much you earn is directly proportionate with the closest 5 people you hang out with often.

Choose your friends wisely.

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