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How To Win A Stranger’s Heart In 45 Seconds

I know the title of this blog sounds a bit…cliche, exaggerated, whatever you want to name it.

45 seconds is the time I use to win a stranger’s heart. However there are many other timings you can find in google on how to do this. But this is coming from my own experience.

As a financial planning entrepreneur for so long, i have met so many people, had great relationships, learnt so much on how to deal with different types of people, made a blunder, made many mistakes too.

So today i have come to conclusion on the 3 keys to winning a stranger’s heart when you first meet them so you will be perceived as someone valuable, someone exciting, someone interesting that they want to spend time with you.

So here it is.

  1. Be enthusiastic about knowing them

Everyone love to be heard, to be appreciated, to be understood. It is the best feeling ever to be understood and heard. Have you ever had moments where you were shown a picture taken in a group where you are in it, and the first person you look for is yourself? To see if you close your eyes or not, to see if your smile was perfect, to see if you look fat or slim in the picture? I sure did look for myself first whenever someone took a photo of me in a group. And if i don’t look as nice, i would request that person to help retake it. :D. So, when you meet someone new, make sure you give your million-watt smile, ask personal questions and be very hearty with the person you’re talking to. Your vibes you send whether you are reserved or open can be sensed easily. Pretend you are meeting the president of United States in person. This will help you to win the heart of the new friend you just met.

2. Be fully present

Ever come across people who are always easily distracted when you are talking to them? they glance away, stray their eyes so often when someone passes by? And you notice that they aren’t paying 100% attention to what you’re saying? Its a sign of disinterest. You don’t feel nice about it right? You feel that he or she is insincere right? So don’t do that. No matter what, when someone is talking to you, give your full attention. I have had moments where i strayed my eyes and got distracted. But i always tell myself to be fully present with the person i am interacting with. Not only you will foster a strong bond with that person, you become memorable and outstanding among the crowd. And one of the things i do well more often is the ability to be an active listener to my prospect and clients. This act resulted in me having getting more deals and more opportunities.

3. Establish Commonality

People want to be associated with people who share similar interest, thoughts, and even pain. Upon knowing someone, quickly get to know about their passion, interest and what matters to them. Is it their family? their loved ones? their work? their sports? their kids? These are matters of the heart, where fulfilment and happiness comes from. You may not know so much about these personal areas in 45 seconds, but i manage to open conversations with many people to share about their personal story in 45 seconds. So start connecting in a deeper level, find similarities, find something that excites you that they are also excited about. I personally have a lot of interest, from fishing, ballroom dancing, wine tasting, reading, how to run a business, music, etc. So start establishing commonalities. This will be a sure fire way to get into their good books, win their hearts, and a possible customer in future.


P/s: If you find this message helpful and beneficial, help me spread the word and share this to as many friends as possible to help me help more people 🙂

To Your Success,


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