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Relationship First, Influence Second

In my experience on selling one on one, whether to a corporate giant, CEO, business owner, or an entrepreneur, one thing in common that i need to emphasize more of it today is to have a strong relationship first, then influence second.

Without you getting to know your prospect or a new friend better, don’t try to sell anything. You are not running a convenient store that smack right in the middle of the city where people come and buy stuffs inside because they NEED it.

When you are selling service oriented products, relationship is key. People don’t want to be sold to but people love to buy. So our goal is to attract not sell. Our selling job is only that little “time frame” where we are about to seal the deal, when you ask for the close. Selling is just about that little window when we ask for the sale.

But before we can even reach that level, we need to focus more on the relationship and build our credibility. People want to be able to trust that we will do our jobs well, able to service them better, and give 100% for them. So start creating that image of credibility, trustworthiness, and value by building strong relationships with people first, then influence later.

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