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Purpose first, busyness second

Purpose first, busyness second


While on my flight for a rotary event,
The book I was reading called “Are You Fully Charged?” By Tom Rath, enlightens me on the this topic of putting purpose first before busyness.

Many people, asked how they are doing, almost all of the time i get to hear from them in some variant form of “I’m busy”. It’s the most common response. This has been my standard response as well for many years during my career in the financial planning industry. And at the end of the day when I look back on my daily “real wealth producing activities”, I accomplished little to nothing.

For instance if you are a real estate agent, your time spent should be on generating leads and meeting new people, and do extensive studies on latest property development projects. If you are an insurance agent, are you meeting the right people and making appointments to meet your prospects?

Like many, I have been caught in the trap of thinking being busy means making progress. In fact, it’s a psychological blind-spot for most people. They relate being busy with being productive. A good example to use to describe this is putting a hamster on a static wheel running nonstop is being busy but go nowhere. I am constantly aware of my progress and daily actions if they are bringing me to where I want to go – my purpose.

In this digital world we live in, we are constantly bombarded with our social media notifications, emails, phone calls, friends’ messages, other group messages in Whatsapp, and etc. It is easy to get distracted in the world we live in today.

One tip to avoid getting caught up in responding to other people and other attention-chasing-requests from others, turn off your app notifications. Schedule a time slot to check all your emails, Facebook newsfeed, and other social media notifications. So you can allow yourself to focus on working on whats more important and productive that will push you towards your goal and purpose. A purposeful life is a meaningful life. Of course there is a lot more to talk about having a purposeful life, that will be another topic in my upcoming blog.

All that said, stay focused, stay purposeful, be clear of your goals.

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