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You might still be in your twenties, your early thirties, but when you hit mid or late thirties, good news, It is still not too late. Most young adults still want to enjoy their youths, they let time pass by thinking there’s still a lot of time. Which is a very normal mindset for most, if not every young adult out there. I get a lot of mid to late twenties telling me they want early retirement, to make their first million faster, but they have no idea where to start, or how to achieve them soonest. So in return i asked back, When do you want your money to work for you while you sleep, play and enjoy life? Isn’t early retirement mean achieving financial freedom early? generating wealth without you trading your hours for it? Only the certain few plan very early for their future. I personally have advised, and provided my expertise and services to these youths, now they are few years ahead of those who didn’t plan, and they have already started generating and accumulating wealth for their future. And the compounding effect from their investments will be substantial. Why do i say “if you do ‘this’ now, you will retire early and make your first million faster?” because doing “this”, will enable you to achieve :

  1. Your goal of first million (in cash) faster
  2. Your Early retirement when you’re still young
  3. Your Education funds for your children being prepared early
  4. Your dream vacations soonest.

So “this” is something you should do before its too late. It is, ‘take action now’. But taking action now might not be the best way to achieve all that is mentioned above. Reason because without the CORRECT action taken, you will still be lacking behind. Now you might want to ask, what kind of action you need to take in order to achieve the specific goals and some of what i mentioned above? You will need to build your pillars of wealth first. The fundamental rule of thumb to financial freedom you need to take into consideration is the 10-20% rule. This portion of your monthly income must go into building your “pillars of wealth”.

Your “pillars of wealth” is like building a pair of powerful legs by regular strength training in the gym on specific muscle groups in order to compete in the 100meter race or the sprinting event. You can never achieve maximum speed or explosiveness to win the 100meter race when all you do is run during training. It is like asking a marathon runner to run the 100meter race.
Take necessary action now, It is never too late to start but if you don’t take action now, it might be too late.



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