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Jane (not her real name), had bought a lot of insurance. She is well insured with Medical Insurance, Total Permanent Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, and of course the 36 Critical Illness Insurance. Usually, these insurance policies are adequate for most individual, or rather the foundation of a comprehensive insurance coverage. Being a 35 year old woman, she exercises regularly and eat a balance diet. She is a very healthy person. However, one can never predict risks. One day she went for her routine medical examination. Her Blood test report shows an increase of white blood cell count. Alarmingly, the doctor did another specific test to find out the cause of the raised count. True enough, there was an early stage cancer cell detected in her colon. It is call “Carcinoma-in-situ”, a term for very early stage cancer which has a 80-100% chance of cure.

Naturally, she did what most people would do, going for a second opinion with a specialist before taking any further action. Again, like what most people would do, the first person she looked for was her insurance advisor. You might wonder if the medical fees are covered by the insurance. But, buying air ticket, booking for a hotel room, taking unpaid leaves, and buying supplements or medication if need be, are not covered under the medical insurance unless there is hospitalization and treatment done. Now, usually most people would not read the policy terms and condition of the insurance because they trust their agent or advisor. Even if they do read them or after being told to when they first bought them, they might have long forgotten. So, Jane was expecting her medical insurance to cover those miscellaneous expenses incurred. She was upset and disappointed.

However, this will not be the case if she have bought this particular insurance policy called, “The Early Stage Critical Care”. With this, you will have already filled in the gaps of a complete insurance package. Thus saving lots of heartache and ease financial burdens for you. How this plan works? This policy pay off an initial sum of money once the policy owner is diagnosed with any one of the early stage critical illnesses.

This includes :

  • Early stage cancer – Carcinoma-in-situ
  • Stroke – Brain Aneurysm Surgery or Cerebral Shunt Insertion
  • Heart Attack – Cardiac Pacemaker or Defibrillator Insertion.
  • Other serious coronary Artery Disease – Early Coronary Disease, Pericardectomy(By pass surgery)
  • Heart Valve Surgery – Percutaneous Valvuloplasty
  • Lung Disease – Severe Asthma
  • Liver Disease – Liver Surgery
  • Parkinson’s Disease – Early Stage Parkinson’s
  • Coma – Coma for 48 hours.
  • Bacterial Meningitis – Bacterial Meningitis With Full Recovery.
  • Etc.

These are only a few selected list under the early stage critical care package. There are 92 types of coverages under this policy. Therefore your expenses on air ticket for second opinion, hotel stays, supplement and medication and other expenses including consultations fees are covered with the initial lump-sum pay out. Besides, this policy pays for medium and high severity stages of an illness too. Which means 3 different stages of an illness are covered in the event of any one of the listed illnesses occur. Enlightened? if you wish to know more about how this early stage critical cover can fill in your gaps and how this policy will work for you, leave a comment or contact me here. I’ll be at your service in no time.




Most people will buy a mortgage protection insurance one way or another for the purpose of covering the loan if anything were to happen(death, disability or illness) to the buyer or owner of the property. Then…most people will do what most people would normally do, getting all their insurance needs for the mortgage from the banks. All because of convenience and lack of “knowledge”. As a leading expert in the financial advisor industry, I would like to share my knowledge about getting the best protection for mortgage insurance. It is understood that most bankers need to fulfill their quotas and sales target in order to make a living. However, as for me, I am an entrepreneur as a financial advisor, creating value and giving my best advice and expertise to my clients and friends is what I focus on.

So, Here we go. Why most bankers will make it sound mandatory for home owners to get MRTA(Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance) from them when actually there’s a better option call “MLTA(Mortgage Level Term Assurance)”? Because it is easy and straight forward without the need to explain unlike MLTA’s many benefits, and its cheap. (Remember, cheap things usually don’t come in a package, and its poor in quality). It is easy to sell since it is a mandatory product, it is part of most banker’s sales target. Ultimately, most banks make faster profit, by selling short term MRTAs that doesn’t even cover the whole loan repayment tenure. When time comes, one will need to buy additional MRTA in the future for the outstanding loan balance. Then again, the premium will be much higher due to age and also health related issues that comes with age. Having said that, this only benefits the banks most.

Last but not least, most banks will insist that you finance the MRTA premium into the loan to make it sound less burdensome in coming out a lump-sum of premium. But in actual fact, over the long run of serving the loan, the accumulated INTEREST charges will make the actual MRTA premium more expensive without you noticing.

Here are 5 benefits about MLTA that most bankers don’t tell you, or they aren’t familiar with.

MLTA’s sum assured is fixed throughout the repayment of the loan

This means, if for instance the owner of the property with mortgage passed away or permanently disabled, he or she will be claiming the agreed sum even when most of the loan has been paid off. In other words, with MLTA you can still have the excess money(sum insured – loan amount). With MRTA, due to its reducing term features (sum insured follows balance of loan), hence no excess cash

MLTA offers additional coverage

36Critical illness insurance is included whereas MRTA doesn’t have. What if the home owner is diagnosed with one of the 36Critical illness? with no MLTA, he or she will have to continue paying the loan.

MLTA is transferable

Meaning, if a home owner wants to switch banks for refinancing purposes, he or she can transfer the existing MLTA to any banks without the need to purchase a new MRTA from the particular bank that was switched to.

MLTA is flexible

After a few years of serving the loan and if the owner wants to reduce the sum insured of the MLTA, he or she can do so anytime with no cost. Hence, a lower premium. Additionally, one can also increase the sum insured whenever he or she wants to. That said, MLTA is like an asset. Whereas for MRTA, once purchased, it is unadjustable.

One can do early settlement of their loan with MLTA!

While we are paying the premiums for MLTA, throughout the years, premiums paid will be accumulated with interest returns of between 8 to 15% annually, over the long run of say on the 15th year, one can use the cash value in the MLTA account to settle the remaining balance of the loan, thus saving on paying more interest. After I show you the amount of money you can save with MLTA, it will shock you!

There you go, 5 very important benefits that will be worth your time and value for money paying for it. If you wish to know more about how MLTA can help secure your home loan, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.




It’s a very important part of life where everyone of us look forward to. It is a much needed break to enjoy life at its fullest in your own pace after working so hard to make ends meet or to raise a family. Retirement it is. According to statistics based on the Nielsen’s survey, Malaysians wants to retire early, and they rank the highest in Southeast Asia who plan to retire or have already retired before the age of 60, standing at 50%. It is great to retire early, but according to a number of other articles shown, many Malaysians are not financially ready to retire, even the retirement age was pushed up to 60. With the rising cost of living escalating, inflation and other factors, it does feel as though retirement is just nothing more than a dream.

However, in reality, retiring early is actually “POSSIBLE” with sound financial planning. But, retiring earlier does not mean that you don’t have to earn any money. In fact, an early retirement may give you the freedom to pursue your own interest and work, allowing you to earn money at your own pace rather than the pace of the working world. In other words, an early retirement means doing what you love and passionate about. For those who wish to retire in their 30s, based on research, it was shown that they will need to earn 25 times their annual expenses. It’s a hefty amount, especially for an average Malaysian. An average account executive in West of Malaysia earns about RM35,145 a year. That means if they want to retire around their 30s, they will need to have a retirement fund amounting to RM878,625 and even then, that may not be enough with the rising cost of living and hospital expenses.

But just because it looks like an uphill climb, that doesn’t mean it’s completely impossible. If you really want to retire, doing your saving and planning now is crucial. The key to retirement is how to raise the funds that you need to support yourself when you decide to leave the workforce. It’s still important to contribute to your EPF, but depending only on your EPF is not a great idea, as this can only fund a part of your retirement. An active EPF member now needs to have a minimum of RM196,800 in their account by the age of 55. This, according to EPF’s calculations will last you 20 years if you frugally live within RM820 per month. RM820 a month? Most of the Generation Ys of today might just use up RM820 in just one of the weekend nights. Whilst this may be feasible if you have no rent or car payments to make (nor any other loan for that matter) which is highly impossible, it seems a highly conservative number. It’s also important to factor inflation and what costs of living may be even 5 years from now.

This is why it’s important for Malaysians to diversify their portfolio and look into different ways of investment. This can come in bonds, stocks, unit trusts and property. As long as you aim for a steady return and you understand the tax implications, doing these different investments can help in raising enough money for your retirement. But, most, if not all people have a wrong perception in investing into insurance companies. In fact, most life insurance companies make the most profit and chances of them getting hurt from a financial crisis has little or no effect.


It collects a lot of premiums or money but pay very little out. They like its profitable business model of probability. One of the investment portfolios of the multi billionaire Warren Buffet. That said, investing into what we call “annuities” in insurance companies that gives a guaranteed perpetual income by helping you to create wealth through crisis will provide for a person’s retirement needs. But investing in the CORRECT life insurance company’s product is also very crucial. Bigger companies give higher dividend and hence a higher return. It does not only guarantees a regular income for early retirement, it also provides average returns of investment that is consistent and attractive, most importantly will not be affected by the economy.

Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich said : “Do not wait, the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”

It is never too late to start diversifying and maximizing your wealth through knowing what to invest. Read my next article here on why you need to understand which business to invest in for sound retirement.




We all know how insurance work, especially life insurance. Some might despise it, some will always favor it, and most will perceive life insurance companies as the company that sell only life insurance products. Yes, it is true to a certain extend. However most people have overlooked or unaware that the life insurance company does provide one of the safest, almost risk free investment plans for you to grow your wealth whilst providing you with additional Life Insurance coverages should anything is to happen when you are enjoying the returns from the investment. Of course, one need to understand how each company run their business in order to understand where they make their profit from. You wouldn’t want to invest your money in companies that doesn’t have a good business profit model, or companies that didn’t do as well from their previous track records.

Therefore, one must understand how a company profited from their business and how we can leverage(take advantage) off their profitable business model, thus allowing you to grow your wealth while you’re sleeping, playing or working. Before i go into the 3 reasons why growing your wealth through the life insurance company is one investment everyone should make, let me explain in detail how life insurance companies love their profitable business model. Life insurance companies love their profitable business model of “probability” because it is a “sure-win” game. Just like gambling in the casino. The chances of one winning the lottery or jackpot is so slim compared to the amount of people betting by putting their money in. It is a no-brainer that casinos make lots of profit by collecting a lot of money but paying only ONCE IN A-WHILE. This works similarly with life insurance companies. They collect lots of premium(fees for insurance coverages) but pays very rarely and little out. Here are the 3 reasons why you need to invest in the life insurance company to grow your wealth.

Underwriting Income

Underwriting income is derived from the difference between how much money is collected for all policies sold versus how much money is paid out in insurance claims for those policies in any given time period. Unlike many other types of businesses, insurance companies collect huge sums of cash throughout the year and may not have to pay on claims on those policies for many years.

Investment Income

This unique situation allows insurance companies to invest that money while it’s not being used. Huge profits can be reaped as a result. This is exactly why Warren Buffet formed the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Company…so he could generate capital to invest in the stock market.

Lapsed Coverage

Finally, there is another way that insurance companies win as well. It has to do with something called a “lapse.” A lapse is when a policy expires without a death benefit being paid. This can mean the end of the term of a policy or more specifically, when people abandon their policies because they no longer can afford to pay the premiums. The company gets all the premiums and makes no payout. Since the abandonment occurs before the end of the policy, it is a huge statistical win for the insurance company. According to industry experts, only 2-3% of term policies actually pay out; the remainder lapse because the insured outlives the term or cancel (or simply stop paying for) a policy they can’t afford. Life Insurance,One Of The Oldest Business Founded In London In 1706 The first company to offer life insurance was the Amicable Society for a Perpetual Assurance Office, founded in London in 1706 by William Talbot and Sir Thomas Allen.The first plan of life insurance was that each member paid a fixed annual payment per share on from one to three shares with consideration to age of the members being twelve to fifty-five. At the end of the year a portion of the “amicable contribution” was divided among the wives and children of deceased members and it was in proportion to the amount of shares the heirs owned. Amicable Society started with 2000 members. As is evident, the insurance companies are doing just fine. Now these are compelling reasons how Life Insurance companies make huge profits. And leveraging on their profitable business model will enable you to grow your wealth while you sleep, play, and work. However, there are multiple investment products one can invest in the Life Insurance company. Check out which suits you in my next article here.




Here you go, either you are reading this article for knowledge, for ideas, for selecting the best investment plans, or even to compare it with your product, i must say that this is an investment plan that every investor, ordinary joe, professional should get as one of the instrument in growing their wealth. Why do i say that? reason is because If this product has helped hundreds of thousands of customers across the nation in providing them a guaranteed perpetual income and a potentially high return of investment, I think it is only fair that i share this to you in case you didn’t know or have only heard but never have the chance to understand how it works.

All life insurance company provide similar benefits, but can differ a little due to their different business operations each company is conducting. However, you and I might want to agree that a company with a higher asset value and net worth would do better than the rest. Hence providing you with better dividend and returns.

How this plan works is, after you have invested, you will start receiving cheques of guaranteed income/cash payment so you can still enjoy these ‘bonus’ income for you to either plan for your yearly family vacation generated by this investment on a yearly basis(not affected by economy crisis at all). Besides, you will also be able to reap investment returns up to 20% annually while enjoying the ‘bonus’ income. This is proven from previous track records. You can also “top-up” into this investment plan anytime in order to reap maximum gains of returns. Ultimately, you will enjoy your golden years ahead without having to worry about the future, if you’re planning for retirement or preparing for your child’s education fund, this is something you should think about. So practically investing into this will enable you to sleep well knowing that your investment is ‘safe’. You can also benefit from a Life Insurance and total & permanent disability coverage while you’re harvesting your returns throughout the years with this investment. In addition, for instance within 10 years into the investment, should any 36critical illness strikes, you won’t need to contribute any money but your investment contribution will be waived.

Of course, If you want more insider knowledge and information regarding how this plan works, i’ll be giving a live seminar soon about this plan in helping you grow your wealth while you play, work, and sleep.

Stay Tuned.




I believe you and I agree that we all want to get more out of life. Especially to be more wealthy. You might be thinking what should you invest in to grow your wealth, to become a multi-millionaire. To achieve your dreams and to provide the best for your loved ones. We work hard in our daily lives for a better tomorrow, a better future to live in. Right? All of us will grow old one day. And we want to enjoy our fruits of labor to the fullest. Here comes the decision in between our working adult life to choose the best, the right investment vehicles so that our hard earned money is preserved, or even to grow itself. It is only natural for us to want to get rich quick, just like the tons of “get-rich-quick-schemes” out there in the market that always have its supporters or investors. Lets look at what are the best vehicles of investment to grow our wealth besides the “get-rich-quick-schemes”. They are “real estates”, “stock market”, “mutual funds”, “bonds”, “foreign currency exchange”, etc. These are investments we should look at to grow our wealth for passive income or retirement purposes.

However, what happens if we need emergency “funds”(cash) for unforeseen events? For instance a car accident that puts us in medical treatment for months? What will happen to our monthly income? will the company we are working for pay us although bed-ridden? Yes, you might say, “Thank God I have some emergency funds available”. But what about your family’s wellbeing? their daily expenses? Will your savings be adequate for your family’s living expenses like household bills, food, mortgage loan repayments, car loan, credit card bills, and so on, after you have more or less used up your “emergency fund(cash)” for the medical bills. What if, this happened in the very early stage of building your own business or family? what happens when you’re not around temporarily?What more talking about investing in other investment vehicles.

Is there any solution to these “unforeseen events?” luckily, yes!. This is where getting yourself insured with the correct life insurance comes in. By setting aside 5 to 10% of your monthly income, you’ll be able to create an immediate “emergency fund”, 300 to 400 times more from your monthly 5 to 10% contribution to protect your life’s assets, to protect the money-making machine you. You will then be able to rest well and have a peace of mind recovering from injuries due to accidents or from an illness, knowing your family’s living expenses are taken cared of. After this section on building “pillars of wealth” is sorted out, you might want to consider a retirement plan that generates accumulated interests or returns about 6 to 10% per annum. Besides our government’s packages like “Amanah Saham Bumiputera(ASB)” or the “EPF (Employee’s Provident Fund)”, you will need to grow your wealth through other instruments I have mentioned above.

However, There is one particular business that we can invest our money in is the “Life Insurance Company”, which you shouldn’t miss. And I’m about to tell you “Why” in my next article. Click here to find out.




You might still be in your twenties, your early thirties, but when you hit mid or late thirties, good news, It is still not too late. Most young adults still want to enjoy their youths, they let time pass by thinking there’s still a lot of time. Which is a very normal mindset for most, if not every young adult out there. I get a lot of mid to late twenties telling me they want early retirement, to make their first million faster, but they have no idea where to start, or how to achieve them soonest. So in return i asked back, When do you want your money to work for you while you sleep, play and enjoy life? Isn’t early retirement mean achieving financial freedom early? generating wealth without you trading your hours for it? Only the certain few plan very early for their future. I personally have advised, and provided my expertise and services to these youths, now they are few years ahead of those who didn’t plan, and they have already started generating and accumulating wealth for their future. And the compounding effect from their investments will be substantial. Why do i say “if you do ‘this’ now, you will retire early and make your first million faster?” because doing “this”, will enable you to achieve :

  1. Your goal of first million (in cash) faster
  2. Your Early retirement when you’re still young
  3. Your Education funds for your children being prepared early
  4. Your dream vacations soonest.

So “this” is something you should do before its too late. It is, ‘take action now’. But taking action now might not be the best way to achieve all that is mentioned above. Reason because without the CORRECT action taken, you will still be lacking behind. Now you might want to ask, what kind of action you need to take in order to achieve the specific goals and some of what i mentioned above? You will need to build your pillars of wealth first. The fundamental rule of thumb to financial freedom you need to take into consideration is the 10-20% rule. This portion of your monthly income must go into building your “pillars of wealth”.

Your “pillars of wealth” is like building a pair of powerful legs by regular strength training in the gym on specific muscle groups in order to compete in the 100meter race or the sprinting event. You can never achieve maximum speed or explosiveness to win the 100meter race when all you do is run during training. It is like asking a marathon runner to run the 100meter race.
Take necessary action now, It is never too late to start but if you don’t take action now, it might be too late.




Whether you are a marketing executive, a salesperson, a businessman, or a professional, Making that first impression counts in your future dealings, securing the deal, or trying to win brownie points to secure that job during interview. Research shows that in the first 7 seconds of meeting a potential buyer or customer, he has already decided subconsciously whether he wants to do business with you or not in future. And most of the time, body language plays the biggest part. It is very difficult to convince someone to “like” or “buy” your services after that not-so-good-impression the first time of meeting you. However, there are 3 secrets on how to create good impressions you can learn or adopt if you want to gain unfair advantage over people, secure more deals, and get promoted faster.

Secret No 1 : SMILE.

It is a universal language, even if you can’t speak the language in a foreign country you’re in. There’s a saying, smile, and the world will smile back at you. It breaks down barriers, help people to connect, and ultimately, it makes everyone like you. It brings happiness and positive vibes to those around you. Research also shows that people buy or say yes more when they are in a happy, relaxed, casual and positive mood. Especially if they are surrounded by a smiling individual.


Nothing can be more intimidating and insincere than a sloppy handshake. It only gives an impression of a non trustworthy person. Handshakes are important because it will create a lasting first impression to anyone. However care must be taken to achieve a proper handshake in order to create a good impression. Be the first to extend your hand. This makes a strong and lasting first impression on the person at the receiving end. It is about control. By offering your hand first, you are showing to the other person that you’re leading the way. This applies to both men and women. Don’t shy away for reasons of putting yourself down. Your hands should be grabbing the web of the other’s palm firmly. As you shake someone’s hand, look into the eyes while doing so to establish connection.


Before you engage in a conversation with a new member in a social event, they’ve already noticed your presence. Your body language speaks louder than words. The way you walk, your posture and how you move will affect other’s impression towards you. A slouching back while walking will only make you look timid and unimpressive, hence harder to influence others. Your back should be straight with a little arch on your lower back, with your shoulders rounded and your chest up like how “Arnold Schwarzenegger” stand competing on stage in the Mr Olympia bodybuilding contest. Be constantly aware of your posture when you sit, walk and stand.

Here you go, make sure you do all these 3 key secrets to form a lasting first impression. Therefore, creating good impressions will enable you to achieve more, gain unfair advantage over others at work, in social events and meeting your potential clients.




Many times, we thought that our friend or acquaintance who promotes life insurance and savings plans through the insurance companies should be the best or most sort after. What we often don’t know is, how feasible is our investment vehicle, or if our investment with our “buddies” meet our investment needs in that particular time, economy, and our situation. We often overlook the actual investment returns or benefits it bring by only LISTENING to the “GOOD” side of it because that’s what we’re being told by our friends right?

Now I don’t mean to sound rude or trying to say that we shouldn’t trust our friends who are in the “financial planning” business. My point is, do we ask enough of questions regarding our commitment into an investment product, do we actually read through the fine prints of an investment before we jump into it. Do we ask advices from the “correct” financial advisor? Or just simply any “insurance agent”? Asking opinions and advices from the wrong “insurance or financial advisor” is like a patient going to the hospital and ask the nurse for a surgical advice on your body.

I’ve recently encountered a situation where a good friend of mine was being misled into investing in what we call an “annuity”, where she needs to keep her invested monies in the account until the maturity date. Her initial understanding was that she can withdraw the investment anytime within the first few years whenever she needs it not knowing there’s a penalty if she do so. Besides, she was told that the average return was 19% a year by the “insurance agent”. Most people who aren’t in the industry would believe because the illustration shows. However, most fail to realize that he or she needs to contribute consistently the same investment amount for a number of years. When that happens, the average returns shown in the illustration will NOT be 19% anymore.

After she found out about the truth to her policy she bought, she was upset and felt cheated. Guess what? Her trust towards “insurance agents” had gone sour. The name of being an “insurance agent” is tarnished. These are the so-called insurance agents who are out there for a quick buck will eventually need to face huge consequences to recover their lack of integrity. Which might take an eternity sometimes.

This is one of the reasons why people condemn insurance companies and their products. I have recorded the actual “audio recordings” of a real life discussion between my friend and her insurance agent while being an observer myself.

It will be uploaded into my next article soon after this post. Stay tuned.