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Social Recruitment

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Our company provides all staff with competitive salary, fully respects post value and skill difference through evaluation in post value and vocational qualification certification system, establishes a salary system, carries out dynamic management, and encourages staff to continuously go beyond themselves and make progress.

  Diversified Welfare:Besides five social insurance (endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance and employment injury insurance) and one housing fund, the staff who goes business trips frequently is provided with personal accident insurance. The annual physical examination, high temperature and heating allowance, medical subsidy, housing subsidy and children nursery allowance are also available.

  Holiday:Besides legal holidays and annual leave, the home leave, traffic allowance and celebration and anniversary holidays are available.

  Others:The working clothes are available, and the laundry service is provided for free. The lunch subsidy, shuttle, fund for helping the needy families and staff care are also provided.

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Social Recruitment
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