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The 5 mini ‘closes’ you need to do before your BIG CLOSE for the deal. Miss one step, your chances of securing that deal will be slim to none.

Many B2C(business to consumer) or B2B(business to business) direct salespeople miss out at least one of the 5 different closes in between the selling process.

This is a major mistake most sales people or marketers make in offline selling without being aware of the importance of each 5 ‘closes’ or steps that leads to a “yes” from customers.

The 5 ‘closes’ are :

1) Close for the contact

You will need to first get the person’s contact number, business card, email address, whatever details you need to have about that person for you to reach out to them. If you miss out this step, how are you going to present your product or idea to them? This applies to online selling too but using different mediums to collect the contact details.(Will be a separate topic I will talk about in future)


2) Close for the appointment

If you didn’t manage to secure an appointment to have coffee or meet them up face to face, you literally have little to no chance to secure that BIG deal you wanted to secure. When people give out their time to meet you, it means they find value in you, besides your products. That itself will potentially allow you a 50/50 chance to open your file.


3) Close their desire or interest

Often times, most sales people will be too eager and excited to share and sell their products at the first appointment or meet up before triggering desires or getting a ‘yes’ response in their emotion and desires to know what is it that you have to sell. You need to create curiosity first. When people don’t need your products. You cannot sell, and they wont buy! Period!


4) Close the opportunity to do a presentation.

After you have caught the attention and triggered desires from your prospects, now you need to close an appointment for you to present your plan, your idea, your product. Because if you didn’t get their permission for you to present, chances of them buying will be low, although they might listen to you to accommodate you during the 2nd stage. Once they allow you to spend time presenting to them, you have a high chance of getting your buyers to take action and place the order.


5) Close that BIG deal

Now, after you have reached stage 4, you will need to ask for the order, negotiate, get them to take action. There will be a few principals you need to do here to get them to buy depending on the product you sell. Techniques from scarcity close, offers, bonuses that will get them to take immediate action. if you don’t close the deal here, follow up at least 4 times. Although I recommend give it 7 times before you keep them in the corner of your freezer.

So there you go, the 5 stages of closes you need to be doing before you get your deal and make the money as a result.

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