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5 essential daily rituals that will help you become more productive, have better relationships, and RICH!

Recalling the days when I was training for the 100metres and 200metres track and field event during high school, the training was intensive. I remembered our coach made us run the 300metre dash with 90% speed(meaning 90% max of what an all out 100% speed required to do the 100metre dash).

I was running and sprinting daily without fail.

Not long after, I took part in the Mr. Sabah bodybuilding competition under the Junior Category as at the age of 18. I placed 3rd in the category.

Reminiscing my days of discipline, hard work, and rituals that I put in every day regardless rain or shine.

I believe the habits, the successful rituals, and mental strength I cultivated during my youth brought me to my career breakthrough and stayed on top of the game for many many years as well.

This post is about my recollection and many encounters with rich and successful people who shares the same or similar rituals I had to train for a competition be it in sports and in my career.

The daily rituals of most rich and successful people are:


1)They eat a healthy breakfast

You might think this does not matter, but the difference between eating an oily and unhealthy breakfast compared to a healthy one goes a long way for your energy and mental sharpness throughout the day. One of my friend, a successful self made multi millionaire told me he eats an assortment of fruits and juices first thing in the morning consecutively for 5 years now. Imagine his energy level and health condition. There are scientific reasons for eating healthy first thing in the morning. Our internal organs, especially our colon is at its strongest and most active state on the absorption of nutrients to nourish our bodies. So if you want peak level of energy and performance for your work and life, make sure your body is healthy first.


2) They exercise, daily

Yes, you read it, they exercise regularly without fail. Even the busiest CEOs or entrepreneur works out at least 3 times a week if not daily. My multi millionaire friend who has been juicing and eating fruits exercises almost everyday without fail. Regardless if he is out of his home town or not. Why is this so important? Your ability to focus and give your best to the world needs a lot of energy from you. The daily hustle that you face everyday, the work challenges, the stresses, can wear you down if you are not fit physically, what more mentally.


3) They read everyday

Most rich and successful people keep learning as their top priority. They read everyday to improve and grow their knowledge and expand their horizon. There’s a saying, “Your wealth grows in the extent that you do”

Meaning you will stay where you are financially if your personal being is stagnant. So pick up a book and start reading today, learn from the best, learn from those that has already done what you wanted to do, model them, seek growth. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook reads a book every other week. I personally read at least a few pages of self improvement books daily if I am at my busiest days.


4) They pray or give thanks

Gratefulness is part of most successful people’s life. They are always counting their blessing and give thanks about what they have. Some will pray, some meditate on the things to be grateful about, either way, you will be able to find peace, joy, and love in your own life. When you do that, you will be able to send these fruits of the spirit out to people you come across in your life, be it at work or at play. Sometimes its hard, when you are facing an unforeseen circumstance, but remember to ask yourself, “what can be worse than this”? a quote from a top selling financial planner in Singapore who believes in asking yourself that question whenever you face a challenge in life. You can be grateful for little things in life like the sun that shines, the home that you have, the food you have, or even the job that you are doing. Find a way to be grateful. You’ll see your life change dramatically, I am still working on this too J


5) They stay focused on the task at hand

How many times do you check your phone in a day? Or how often do you check your emails and notifications during your working hours, or even when you’re with someone face to face? Successful people know that to achieve and accomplish great things, one need to stay focused and give it their best on the current work without getting distracted.

Set a time allocation, block your productive hours of the day for doing your important work and projects first. Don’t respond and react to the day’s buzzer or from people who seeks your attention. Focus on your goals and dreams first, before you can help others.

Often times I don’t even answer calls from clients who call me while I’m in the middle of a meeting, or even a text message from my personal assistant without completing my task at hand. If its really urgent, they will do whatever it takes to make sure they get me to answer the phone. You should time-block your activities throughout the day so you don’t waste your time. Try it, and you’ll see the difference in your life.

With the 5 essential rituals to help you become a life champion, I wish you all the best with joy, peace and abundance in your daily hustle charting forward, and towards your dream.

Your real marketing results for real success,

Persuasion expert, Coach



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