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Whether you are a marketing executive, a salesperson, a businessman, or a professional, Making that first impression counts in your future dealings, securing the deal, or trying to win brownie points to secure that job during interview. Research shows that in the first 7 seconds of meeting a potential buyer or customer, he has already decided subconsciously whether he wants to do business with you or not in future. And most of the time, body language plays the biggest part. It is very difficult to convince someone to “like” or “buy” your services after that not-so-good-impression the first time of meeting you. However, there are 3 secrets on how to create good impressions you can learn or adopt if you want to gain unfair advantage over people, secure more deals, and get promoted faster.

Secret No 1 : SMILE.

It is a universal language, even if you can’t speak the language in a foreign country you’re in. There’s a saying, smile, and the world will smile back at you. It breaks down barriers, help people to connect, and ultimately, it makes everyone like you. It brings happiness and positive vibes to those around you. Research also shows that people buy or say yes more when they are in a happy, relaxed, casual and positive mood. Especially if they are surrounded by a smiling individual.


Nothing can be more intimidating and insincere than a sloppy handshake. It only gives an impression of a non trustworthy person. Handshakes are important because it will create a lasting first impression to anyone. However care must be taken to achieve a proper handshake in order to create a good impression. Be the first to extend your hand. This makes a strong and lasting first impression on the person at the receiving end. It is about control. By offering your hand first, you are showing to the other person that you’re leading the way. This applies to both men and women. Don’t shy away for reasons of putting yourself down. Your hands should be grabbing the web of the other’s palm firmly. As you shake someone’s hand, look into the eyes while doing so to establish connection.


Before you engage in a conversation with a new member in a social event, they’ve already noticed your presence. Your body language speaks louder than words. The way you walk, your posture and how you move will affect other’s impression towards you. A slouching back while walking will only make you look timid and unimpressive, hence harder to influence others. Your back should be straight with a little arch on your lower back, with your shoulders rounded and your chest up like how “Arnold Schwarzenegger” stand competing on stage in the Mr Olympia bodybuilding contest. Be constantly aware of your posture when you sit, walk and stand.

Here you go, make sure you do all these 3 key secrets to form a lasting first impression. Therefore, creating good impressions will enable you to achieve more, gain unfair advantage over others at work, in social events and meeting your potential clients.



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