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Your ability to get to where you want in life boils down to this ONE principal.

Have you noticed why some people can almost always get what they want in life? Whether it is their career, business, relationship, or even health?

You might think, “ah he’s just born with the luck” or “Well, he has got a rich family to start off with.”

However, these statements can be true, but not entirely.

Most people get what they want in life is because they WANT IT! Period!

So the ONE principal of getting what you want in life, is just this – WANTING IT BAD ENOUGH

Do you want to have 5 figure income every month?

Do you want to have a better relationship with your partner?

Do you want to have a better health? 6 packs? Lose 10kg?

It is all about what you want to achieve.

Imagine, you are in the verge of drowning, you will struggle and do whatever it takes to breath and survive right?

This is what I meant by ‘wanting it bad enough’.

Of course, there will be challenges along the way, but those are supposed to make you better and stronger.

Your ability to perform is directly influenced by your commitment to perform.

 So, ask yourself, have you been putting the effort required to achieve what you have always wanted in life?

What actions have you taken?

One tip for you to be one step closer to your goals.

“Focus on improving that ONE thing you want to achieve by only 1%”

Yes. Just 1%. After one year, you would have already achieved 365% improvement towards your goal!

How great is that right?

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So you will be given the chance and opportunity first to make the money you deserve. This is potent! And this is how most top earning entrepreneurs do to achieve massive growth in their business and attract new clients.

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To a better persuader,


Learn how to persuade and convince anyone to trust you by doing this ONE thing, EVERYDAY.

Believe it or not, you are doing sales every day. You can’t run away from it. From the day you’re born, up until today, you are doing ‘sales’.

I am a strong advocate of enhancing your personal persuasion skills to get to where you want in life.

When I was a kid, I was not a really brilliant kid. But I love extra curricular activities. I participated in a lot of sports. Won many competitions. But unfortunately, I didn’t pursue my career as a sportsman, because my parents thought I should be studying hard and score good grades in my exams to get a high paying job. Besides sucking at it, I didn’t like studying.

So long story short, I took up A-levels and completed it at the age of 19. While waiting for my results, I was ‘THROWN’ into the marketplace for a 6-month stint by my dad. His intention was just for me to gain experience so I don’t look dumb when I really start working.

But somehow, I soared. I achieved unexpected results in my sales. Not selling to my warm markets but to strangers.

95% of my customers are strangers. And they are mostly age 40 and above.

Because of my high achievements in my sales, my commissions shoot through the roof.

I qualified all incentive trips the company offered. I have been to Spain, Greece, USA, Italy, Paris, Monaco, and so on…

Breakthrough came at the age of 23. I qualified for the MDRT(million dollar round table).

Do I have magic powers?

NO! I worked hard, made many mistakes along to way, putting in the correct actions and implementing high level selling techniques.

Here is the ONE thing you must do each day to master the art of persuasion.

  • Build relationships

I can’t reiterate the power of strong relationships.

If you don’t have relationship with your prospects, it will be harder for you to convince someone to buy your products.

Have you encountered salespeople who walk up to you, holding their products in one hand, carrying a bag full of products on the other, trying to pitch to you their products?

How do you feel? Annoyed right?

If you are a nice guy or girl, you might give them a few extra second to listen to what they have to say, besides, they are well trained to put on that insincere smile on their faces because they HAVE TO. Before they get the chance to really sit down at your table while you are still eating, you have already shook your head and said NO to them as a sign of rejecting them.

WHY? There is no trust, and people don’t like to be sold to. It is like trying to get MONEY from you. Although the salesperson’s intention is different.

If that sales person is already your friend, do you think you will chase him away? Most likely not.

You will welcome him to join you, give him the time of day, and show signs of interest to what he is offering. If it doesn’t suit you, you will just tell your friend politely.

So relationship is key.

The stronger your relationship with that prospect, the easier for you to close that sale or secure that negotiation. Start building relationships today.

In my next blog, you will learn how to get to where you want in life by implementing this ONE principal.

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To a better persuader,