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Learn how to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes most sales people make so you can close more deals in this FREE Ebook "3 Facts Most Sales People Don't Pay Attention To That Will Hurt Their Sales Badly"

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Persuasion Coach, Speaker, Author, Solopreneur.

Edgar is recognized as the authority in the financial & insurance planning industry. He achieved his MDRT(Million Dollar Round Table) at the age of 23, that made him the youngest in the country to qualify for this recognition.

In just 4 years in the business, he has achieved a lot for his age.

He is a strong advocate of being a self-made CEO and live a life by design through the financial planning industry as a career platform.

In 2015, he has also launched his brand as a persuasion expert, trainer, author, and coach with a message ‘persuade with passion and purpose’. He believes in the art of selling to get to where we want in life. He has refined the craft of selling to a whole new level with his “3Proven2Million Move” formula that guarantees profits. He coaches and trains sales professionals and CEOs to pitch their products to millions that positions them as the only logical choice, secure deals fast and generate profits.

Besides, he is founder and also CEO of LIFE Academy, a seminar, conference and boot-camp producing company with a mission to empower 1,000 aspiring entrepreneurs to earn $1,000,000 income a year through their events.


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Ever wondered how most successful people make their mark and achieve so much with so little time?

It is because of their successful habits practised daily.

In this “Wealth Foundation System” guide, you will learn the secret formula that most successful people are doing. These wealth creation foundation are the blueprints that helped Edgar achieve who he is today.

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From individual startups, budding entrepreneurs to aspiring sales and marketing executive. This book will help you skyrocket your business profits. Secure that million dollar deal, trigger your potential buyer’s hot button and make millions knowing the secrets of selling.

Where you’re a rookie in sales or just starting your career you will learn how to stand out from the rest of the competition. Get noticed by your potential buyer instantly, and separate yourself from the pack of novices without having to worry about product overpricing or price competition. You will also discover the high level selling techniques whether you’re selling one to one, in a group, or pitching your ultimate business idea to potential investors.

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In This Free Video Training Series…

Learn the secrets I have been using all these while that most top selling financial advisors and the elite life insurance agents use to generate sales with minimal effort.

As Edgar Pong, youngest Million Dollar Round Table qualifier pull back the curtains to reveal his Million-Dollar blueprint.

These exact strategies have enabled Edgar to generate massive income at a very young age easily and efficiently without being ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’.

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Learn how to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes most sales people make so you can close more deals in this FREE Ebook "3 Facts Most Sales People Don't Pay Attention To That Will Hurt Their Sales Badly"

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